Evie Courtlandt spent her career as a white-collar criminal defense attorney. She knows the ins and outs of financial crimes that traders, bankers and lawyers are tempted to commit to survive on Wall Street—from insider trading to spoofing in high-frequency trading. In her novel centered around Wall Street, Courtlandt offers industry knowledge into these financial frauds, and why committing them is so hard to resist. She also gives readers, from her life experience, a front row seat to the trials of being a woman on Wall Street and a stay-at-home mother on the cutthroat Upper East Side.

Courtlandt was born in New York City, and spent most of her life there. She graduated from Columbia College, Columbia University in New York in 1999, and from Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago in 2004. She’s lived in Greenwich, CT with her husband and three young children since 2013.